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How does Image Testing work?

Here’s a deck that explains how to use Image Testing visually! The below will still be helpful, though, so still make sure to read :)

Where? We can support image testing on your home page hero image, product page images (sometimes carousels depending on the site), and collection page banner image (if applicable). We cannot support image testing on individual product image tiles on the PLP.

How? First, prepare your images. You can either choose to upload a loading state image into your theme to replace the existing image, or you can use the current image as the control. If you’d like to avoid a flicker from one image to the next on the 2nd image (see first image quickly and then within 0.2 seconds, load the second image), you’ll need to upload a loading state image into your theme. This is the more popular option, but you can do either. Next, prepare your two images you want to test. Most merchants text a product image versus a lifestyle image or two different designed images with different badges/messaging to see what resonates better.

How? Second, add the Because image testing script into your theme. Ask one of our team members and we’ll give you the snippet of code to add into your site! This is the only snippet of code Because requires - no other content requires code (badges, banners, etc.)

How? Third, create an image testing campaign inside Because. Ask us to turn on Image Testing permission if you don’t already have permission. Once you have the permission, you’ll create two separate campaigns (one for each image) if you plan to go the path of “no flicker.” If you don’t mind the flicker, you’ll leave your current site as is with the current image (the control) and you’ll upload the new image as the second image (the test). Once inside the editor, you’ll have the option to upload your image. Only one image per campaign!

How? Create an AB test. Go into your AB testing dashboard and click “Create AB Test.” From there, you’ll select a “campaign vs. campaign” test if you’re uploading two images (no flicker) or a “campaign v. control” test if you’re only uploading one image (will have a flicker). We recommend setting your AB test to 50-50 % split to get the best initial look at performance (add to cart rate, conversion rate, AOV, and revenue lift). Keep in mind if you set up a split different from 5-50%, revenue lift is unreliable because one had a higher chance of converting than the other based on the % of traffic.

REMINDER: All AB tests have to follow the exact same rules! So, you can’t AB test one image with one set of rules against a different image with a different set of rules. This same limitation applies across all Because campaigns (even outside of images) to ensure the integrity of your data (make sure you’re comparing apples to apples).

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