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Modified on Thu, 28 Mar 2024 at 02:52 PM

Why are my cart campaigns not auto-refreshing as more items get added to cart?

In short, our widget is triggered to re-check rules and refresh upon a button click (normally on the product page). Depending on the structure of the buttons inside the cart, campaigns may also auto-refresh from upsell/quick add buttons inside the cart and from the quantity buttons in cart (increasing and decreasing the quantity). Some carts have their quantity options in cart actually set up as an icon (svg) that's being clicked (so it’s not actually a button) and therefore the cart does not refresh.

Here’s what to expect: if a site visitor is seeing a shipping message that tells them how close they are to free shipping (for example) and then they add an item to cart that qualifies them for free shipping, the message will refresh and change to tell them they’ve qualified (assuming the rules have been met) and the prior message will be removed.

In cart, when a site visitor already has an item(s) in cart and they add another item from the PDP, it will auto-refresh the cart without having to manually refresh the page. This applies to both loading new campaigns that may qualify as well as removing old campaigns that no longer qualify inside the cart. Please note that badge campaigns do not auto-refresh based on add to cart.

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