How will Because impact my website's performance?

Modified on Thu, 28 Mar 2024 at 02:57 PM

What is the size of the Because script?

Our script is 63kb.

Will Because slow down my site?

Our script is asynchronous which means we don’t have any impact on the initial page load (the main content of the page, like text and images). After initial load, your site will start loading all your asynchronous scripts. There is no guarantee to the order in which asynchronous scripts load, so if your site has a lot of scripts to load, it can take Because longer to start loading. After the page loads (and any other scripts above us load), we load in under a second (typically between 200 and 400 MS).

What does this mean for what Because looks like on my site?

If your site is already slow, we’ll be waiting for the page to load before we load and it can appear that Because is loading slow, when in fact Because is waiting for your page to load. Second, once your initial page loads, if you have a lot of asynchronous scripts to load before us, our script can be delayed in starting to load. If you want to load the Because script earlier, reach out to our tech team to see how we can support.

How will this impact accessibility?

First, since we load after the initial page load, we shouldn’t impact your site's accessibility score. With that said, you are more than welcome to check on a tool like this - with and without Because.

Second, our no-code editor gives you full control over the design of your campaigns, which essentially gives you ultimate control over ensuring that your campaigns are compliant- in line with your current site.

By default, we have a functionality called "inherit styling" which inherits styling from your site (sizes, fonts, colors, padding, etc.). If your site is already compliant, and you choose to keep your campaigns selected to "inherit styling" (rather than overriding), and if you keep your colors consistent with WCAG 2.1 guidelines, then all of your Because campaigns should be compliant.

To stay consistent with the guidelines, we also recommend keeping the color on the container on any banners, bars, badges etc. (anything that has a box around it) an accessible color choice. We can help advise on the details of setting this up when we get into trial, but it's all easily controllable within our editor.

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